Looking for a wedding package to help with you wedding planning? This wedding package is suited for our out-of-town couples and is our biggest seller. It is a premium service especially designed for those planning to have their big day in Ottawa or Ontario but do not reside in the city.   As an out of town couple, it is mandatory to hire a wedding planner to facilitate your wedding as you are not in town to plan this. Living out of the province or abroad has its challenges such as time zone differences, cultural expectations, travelling guests and more. Whether you are in another part of Canada or across the ocean, this is the perfect wedding package as it is specifically designed for you. Looking for great places to get married in Ottawa? Take a look at the list we created outline Ottawa’s wedding venues.

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What is involved in this wedding package?

  • Regular scheduled meetings (over our RSVP Skype account or over the phone)
  • In-person venue video walk through with an RSVP specialist to allow you to visualize the event space
  • Vendor recommendations with our in-town vendors, communication with vendors, facilitation of vendor bookings/payments/contract
  • Simplification of in-town vendor meetings if you visit prior to the wedding
  • 12 month wedding planning schedule
  • Budget development and payment schedules, management of budget
  • Theme and style development & Wedding etiquette
  • Contract review, development of detailed wedding day itinerary
  • Hotel and transportation management with preferred hotel